Frequently Asked Questions

How will this affect my work? Will there be any disruptions?
Most disruptive work will be done after regular hours in order to minimize disruptions and precautions will be taken when working in occupied areas. Notification of work within your building will be distributed to the Facility Manager and/or Department Administrator.

My office is too hot/cold. Will this improve?
The University owns close to 8 million square feet of building space. Almost 50,000 people per day use our facilities, each person with their own definition on ideal indoor comfort levels. Although the main focus of this program is to reduce energy consumption, one of the secondary benefits associated with equipment replacement is improved heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).This will provide better overall control of room temperatures and make your environment more comfortable.

How will saving energy improve the environment?

  • Lowered use of fossil fuels and consequently reducing the need for exploration, refining and transportation. Burning fossil fuels also produces harmful gases such as sulphur dioxide that contribute to acid rain.
  • Reduced carbon dioxide emissions, thereby reducing Canada's contribution to the greenhouse effect.
  • Reduced dependence on imported electricity from sources such as coal, nuclear or large hydro electric dams.