New All-In-One Electric Vehicle Pedestal System




Project Overview

This project focuses on the development and installation of a new grid-connected solar photovoltaic charging station for electric vehicles in York University. This station will enable private and electric vehicle car-sharing solutions in one of Canada’s largest university campus. The project will focus on gathering performance and demand data to help the university craft a broader electric vehicle (EV) strategy that is accessible, affordable and that uses local renewable energy resources to offset the electrical demand of innovative mobility solutions. The data gathered in this project will also be synthetized and shared to help inform new policy solutions for municipalities, transportation agencies and the Ontario and Federal governments.
Project Team
Researchers and graduate student of the Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI) of the Faculty of Environmental Studies are collaborating actively with expert members of York University’s Campus Services and Business Operations (CSBO) and leading private sector firms to develop and implement this innovative Ontario-made mobility solution.

Private Sector Partners

Kinetic Solar
Sun Country Highway
Joshua Four
FCL Fisker Customs and Logistics

Project Funders

Toronto Atmospheric Fund
The Metcalf Foundation

SCH retractor-system brochure

- York prof takes the lead on renewable energy proving that the future is now